File Integrity Monitoring Software for PCI DSS

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) for PCI

CimTrak Keeps You on the Cutting Edge While Keeping Your Network PCI-Compliant. With the advent of the PCI-DSS standards in 2004, file integrity monitoring became a requirement for all PCI environments. PCI 11.5 specifically states:

“Deploy file-integrity monitoring software to alert personnel to unauthorized modification of critical system files, configurations files, or content files; and configure the software to perform critical file comparisons at least weekly.”

Further, PCI 10.5.5 states:

“Use file-integrity monitoring or change detection software on logs to ensure that existing log data cannot be altered without generating alerts …”

CimTrak file integrity monitoring is the most advanced integrity monitoring software available for PCI compliance.

With protection for all aspects of your environment including servers, network devices, critical workstations, point-of-sale (POS) systems and databases, CimTrak has you covered. When you need to meet critical compliance standards such as PCI 11.5 and PCI 10.5.5, think CimTrak.

Ease of Implementation of our FIM software for PCI

Deploying file integrity monitoring software is crucial to maintaining environmental security as well as providing protection against a data breach occurring. Guidance from the PCI Security Standards Council states that “. . . unauthorized changes, if undetected, could render existing security controls ineffective and/or result in cardholder data being stolen with no perceptible impact to normal processing.” While the standard calls for critical file comparisons to be made “at least weekly,” CimTrak gives you the ability to continually watch your critical files and configurations in real-time, with minimal impact to your systems.

When evaluating file integrity monitoring software (FIM) for PCI, keep in mind that all products are not built the same. You should be able to detect changes in real-time, securely store the files you are monitoring, and work on a wide variety of operating systems. Seconds count when it comes to preventing a data breach. File integrity monitoring software for PCI compliance that can only check files at certain time intervals can allow changes to go unnoticed for a significant amount of time. If a critical change can occur between checks, potentially allowing a breach, then the file integrity monitoring solution does not adequately protect your environment.

PCI environments often contain a number of operating systems including Linux and UNIX systems.

Most solutions do not offer coverage for these systems, causing you to forgo file integrity monitoring protection on them or implement multiple solutions. This can lead to a data breach and wasted resources.  CimTrak offers support for a wide range of operating systems within your IT environment, allowing for full compliance with the requirements. Further, file integrity monitoring software should be easy to install, configure and use so that it is utilized regularly.

 Real-Time Insight into Your Entire Network

CimTrak Exceeds PCI Compliance Standards and automatically checks for critical configurations on your systems for PCI Compliance.