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CimTrak x Cisco Meraki: The Future of Security

The new, first-of-its-kind Cisco Meraki Module for CimTrak empowers organizations to monitor and be alerted for changes made on Cisco Meraki devices, providing unparalleled visibility and control over configurations. 

See the live release of our latest module!

Using CimTrak & Stealth-ISS to Secure Critical Infrastructure

Of course, protecting your critical infrastructure is a priority when evaluating your cyber hygiene - and with cyber threats evolving daily, it is more important than ever. 

Come listen to industry experts from Cimcor and Stealth-ISS discuss the latest strategies and technologies to help keep your infrastructure secure as possible.

WhatWorks in Reducing Compliance Costs and Increasing Resilience with Integrity Management Tools

In this SANS What Works report, SANS Director of Emerging Security Trends John Pescatore interviews Dan Schaupner, head of Digital Security Consulting North America for ATOS, to gain his insight on what he went through in the business justification and deployment of CimTrak's own file integrity monitoring software as part of reducing the cost of securely managing a large customer environment, as well as reducing the time and effort of demonstrating compliance.

Zero Trust & Tenet #5: Integrity Controls

What are integrity controls and who has defined them? Come listen to Dr. Chase Cunningham and Mark Allers discuss the importance and definition of integrity controls and how they ensure a foundation of trust at the workload layer for a trusted ZTA.

Top 3 Reasons You're Struggling with Security & Compliance

Join Robert Rodriguez and Justin Chandler in discussing the most pressing issues IT professionals face with compliance and security, including the key to continuous compliance with major regulatory requirements and how threat intelligence, reporting, and integrations help keep organizations secure. 

CMMC SERIES PART 2: CIS Best Practices to On-Ramp, align and achieve CMMC compliance(ON-DEMAND)

Tony Sager, Senior Vice President and Chief Evangelist of Center for Internet Security discusses CIS Controls and how CIS best practices can help with CMMC compliance implementation. This LIVE discussion will feature a short presentation followed by Q & A regarding CMMC Compliance.

CMMC SERIES PART 1: A Comprehensive Overview of CMMC (ON-DEMAND)

Jeff Dalton of the CMMC-AB Board discusses with Cimcor "Everything You Need to Know About CMMC Certification". Dalton provides a short presentation addressing the three key topics of "Why", "How",  and "When" followed by an entire session of Q & A.

CMMC Series Part 3: DIBs and CMMC Requirements: Simplifying the Continuous Audit Process with MSSPs (ON-DEMAND)

Dasha Deckwerth, CISO & Global Cybersecurity Consultant, discusses concerns regarding the audit process for CMMC requirements.

CMMC SERIES PART 4: Technical controls and requirements for Organizations

In this webinar, LogRhythm and Cimcor discuss CMMC coverage with accompanying solutions and how those solutions can help augment compliance with CMMC at the various levels of certification.  Additionally, Cimcor and LogRhythm discuss the considerations to make when using SIEM and FIM technologies for compliance. 

Reduce Breaches by 90% with 6 Simple Steps (ON-DEMAND)

Join Tony Sager, Senior Vice President and Chief Evangelist of Center for Internet Security and Robert Johnson, CEO of Cimcor, in an interactive webinar as they discuss CIS Controls and the importance of following a prescriptive approach, one that is proven to auto-detect 90% of all security breaches.

A Redefined National Approach to Cyber Resilience (ON-DEMAND)

In this webinar, co-hosted by CIS CyberMarket partner Cimcor, Mike Echols, former senior cybersecurity leader for U.S. DHS and author of Secure Cyber Life: The Government is Not Coming to Save You, discusses the need for a redefined national approach to cyber resilience. In this discussion, we pull the band-aid off and review the facts, which if embraced, may lead to meaningful national change.


What is System Integrity Assurance?

What is system integrity assurance and why is it important? Find out how system integrity assurance elevates your file integrity monitoring solution.

How FIM Helps with Zero Trust

How does file integrity monitoring work with Zero Trust? Zero Trust and FIM work in tandem to...

Securing Servers & Databases

Are you taking the right steps to ensure your servers and databases are secure? Why is it important? Let's take a deep dive into where to start with server and database security...

Can You Manage Change Management?

How can you keep up with managing change? Change management is much more than just documenting when changes happen - you need an effective FIM tool...

Elevate Your Security Posture with File Integrity Monitoring

The strength of your security posture is only as robust as your file integrity monitoring solution. Let's see what a next-gen FIM solution can do...

File Integrity Monitoring & Compliance

Having the right file integrity monitoring tool is much more than just checking a box. Find out how FIM can help you stay compliant in your environment. 

Applying a Proactive Cybersecurity Approach

Would moving to a more proactive mindset solve pressing issues in cybersecurity? Let's discuss what having a proactive vs reactive mindset means...

Challenges of Infrastructure Security

The average lifecycle of a breach is 287 days. Let's get back to the basics and discuss how to secure your infrastructure and ensure system integrity. 

The Buzz Around System Hardening

Find out about the importance of system hardening best practices and how to ensure your systems stay in a hardened state.

Zero Trust is a Strategy, Not a Solution

No single solution can implement all aspects of Zero Trust. Find out how to apply a Zero Trust strategy in your infrastructure.

Clarifying Configuration Drift

Drift happens! Can you combat configuration drift in your IT infrastructure? Learn about configuration best practices in this Cimcor podcast.

AI & Cybersecurity

Can AI really detect threats to your infrastructure? Prevent threats from slipping through the cracks with these best practices...

Securing Operational Technology

What is Operational Technology and why is it so important to keep it secure in your environment? Get all the details in this Cimcor podcast.

Breaking Down Zero Trust

Why is Zero Trust important? How can you implement it yourself? Let's break it down in this Cimcor podcast. 

Cloud Workload Protection Platforms

The latest views on cloud workload protection platforms (CWPP) as well as the tools and techniques required to get started.

Focus on What Matters with System Integrity Assurance

System integrity assurance is important. Find out why you should implement system integrity assurance software in your environment. 

The State of Ransomware

The current state of ransomware and what organizations can do to stay secure

SCADA and ICS Security

See how System Hardening and Continuous Monitoring help keep SCADA and ICS environments secure.

CMMC & System Integrity Assurance

The importance of system integrity assurance in relation to CMMC requirements and how to achieve it.

MITRE ATT&CK Framework

Learn all about the MITRE ATT&CK Framework, what it is, how to implement it, and what it can do in your infrastructure. 

Ensuring Database Security & Integrity

The latest views on database security and integrity along with the importance of continuous system integrity monitoring for businesses.

Trust, But Verify

Once you've configured your systems into a hardened state, you want to make sure they stay that way. Here's how to secure and monitor your systems with...

Active Directory Monitoring and Security

Monitoring Active Directory helps keeps environments secure. Learn more in the latest Cimcor Podcast

Supply Chain Security & Integrity

Supply Chain Security and Integrity is a top concern for organizations and enterprises. Learn more in the latest podcast. 

PCI DSS and Continuous Monitoring

See how continuous monitoring and security help ensure organizations always understand their security posture. 

Container Security and Vulnerabilities

Cloud security, data security, and the importance of system integrity monitoring and best practices for businesses regarding file integrity monitoring are discussed

Tom Cornelius Discusses CMMC

Who CMMC impacts, ramifications for those who fail assessments, and organizational leadership takeaways for CMMC.

Compliance and Vulnerabilities with Tom Cornelius

Listen to Tom Cornelius of Compliance Forge discuss compliance challenges and managing vulnerabilities for organizations

The Community Defense Model

Tony Sager discusses the latest views on data security and the importance of system integrity monitoring and best practices for businesses regarding FIM

Defense in Depth Strategies With Tony Sager

Tony Sager of CIS discusses how defense in depth strategies have changed over time and how to strategically align with security.

Data Security, Government Security, and Risk

How can companies increase their cyber capability?

By knowing their risk.

Greatest Cybersecurity Threats With Mike Echols

Michael A. Echols discusses the latest views on data security and the importance of system integrity monitoring and best practices for businesses. 

Mitigating Zero-Day Threats

The real key to securing your infrastructures from zero-day attacks? Understanding when the state of assets in your IT infrastructure change.

Enhancing SIEM Data with File Integrity Monitoring

SIEMs/log management is critical and challenging. Feeding data into SIEMs from a file and system integrity monitoring solution makes it easy

Are All FIMs Created Equal?

Traditional FIM informs you of what files have changed via polling. Next-Gen FIM/system integrity monitoring provides changes and alerts in real-time.

System Integrity Monitoring Best Practices

File and system integrity monitoring podcast on maintaining best practices for security and compliance with holistic, next-gen system integrity monitoring.

Security Frameworks and CIS Controls

The CIS Controls and CIS Benchmarks are discussed with security frameworks in the latest podcast with Cimcor.

The Key to Security and Understanding System Integrity

How can you keep up with the onslaught of threats occurring daily? Understanding system integrity may be what you're looking for.