Meet Our Management Team

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Robert E. Johnson, III
President and CEO

Robert is the President/CEO and co-founder of Cimcor, Inc and an industry leader in cybersecurity. Mr. Johnson has led the development of multiple commercial software packages and several patented and patented-pending technologies.


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Mark Allers
Vice President of Business Development

Mark is the VP of Business Development at Cimcor and is responsible for driving the strategic focus and alignment with industry initiatives and partnerships. Mark has held executive management positions at six enterprise software companies and one venture capital firm over the past two decades.


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Robert Rodriguez
Vice President of Sales

Robert Rodriguez is the Vice President of Sales at Cimcor, where he leads go to market efforts for CimTrak, the industry's only patented real-time File Integrity Monitoring and System Assurance solution. With over 30 years of experience in Information Technology and Intelligence, Robert's distinguished background also includes 9 years in the Marine Corps as an Intelligence Collector and Instructor at the US Army Intelligence Center.