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Deploying SIEMs with CimTrak

As more and more companies deploy Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), IT and security personnel often ask what’s the difference between CimTrak and leading SIEM providers.

  • They are complementary technologies, helping SIEMs do their job better by receiving and correlating integrity management data directly from CimTrak.
  • This allows the SIEMs to combine critical change and configuration information with other SIEM data streams, allowing for enhanced event analysis and correlation.
  • This benefits the enterprise by learning about security events more quickly and being able to provide better context surrounding those events.
  • In addition, alerts raised by a SIEM can be traced back to CimTrak, which can provide all of the forensic data (who, what, when, how) for the event, allowing for quick and simple root-cause analysis and remediation.

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CimTrak can integrate into any syslog or SIEM solution via multiple protocols such as CEF, LEEF, MEF, and more. All logs data such as file changes, baseline deviations, and incompliance can be sent in real time to your central logging solution.

SIEMs Need CimTrak

Many times, the term File integrity monitoring (FIM) is incorrectly used in SIEM discussion when the process or tool is actually performing, “Basic File Monitoring”. Simply detecting changes to critical files including systems, applications, and configuration files does not imply nor does it guarantee you have “Integrity” at all.

Typical SIEMs hold vast amounts of data, producing an unmanageable number of alerts.

Security teams to be able to identify important alerts and correlate with all related events. CimTrak provides this context by recording:

  • What exactly changed.
  • Who changed it.
  • When it was changed.
  • How or the process used to change it.


From SIEMs to Containers, CimTrak easily integrates with your technology.