Ticketing for File Integrity Monitoring

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Known changes to a system, such as pushing out OS updates or application patches can lead to false positives when monitoring. Time and resources become drained when using this typical process of file integrity monitoring.

More importantly, this traditional process increases the risk of a malicious change getting into your environment. We’ve ended this painful, time-consuming process.

Ticketing Graphic

The CimTrak Ticketing Module allows users to plan for and promote good changes to their baseline in an automatic process

CimTrak is Next-Gen FIM

CimTrak has continually brought file integrity monitoring innovations to market. What makes CimTrak different from other FIM solutions? Plenty:

  • Simple to install, configure and use
  • Extensive training is not required
  • Seamlessly output to all major SIEM solutions
  • VirusTotal integration to easily determine if changes are a threat
  • Integrated ticketing capability allows changes to be planned and classified
  • Trusted File Registry™ allows users to automatically promote known vendor patches/updates, greatly reducing false positives
  • No costly professional services needed to deploy a solution

Simply put, CimTrak’s Next-gen FIM technology creates a superior file integrity monitoring experience by maximizing your valuable time and saving you valuable money.

Track Changes to All Systems

CimTrak Ticketing can be used to plan any change and allows for notes and approvals for reconciliation.


Seamless Integration

The CimTrak Ticketing module also provides the base for integration with vendors such as CA Service Desk, Service Now, Cherwell, and Jira.

Real-Time Insight into Your Entire Network

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