Because cybersecurity should eliminate implicit trust.



What is
Zero Trust?

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Zero Trust architecture replaces an outdated security approach with a strategy and architecture that eliminates implicit trust.

This is done by continuously validating users and devices and the actions they try to conduct.

It aims to replace assumed trust of users, devices, and services with verified proof that each transaction is legitimate, authorized and secure.


Zero trust. Zero Guesswork. Zero Headaches.


Benefits of implementing the
CimTrak Zero Trust Integrity Platform.

  • Automatically identify zero-day malware, exploits, and malicious behaviours.

  • Reduce Mean Time To Identify (MTTI) breaches from months to seconds.

  • Prevent integrity drift in real-time, while automating incident response.

  • Rapidly scale security and IT architecture with minimal human effort.

Can Your Zero Trust Software Help With Integrity?

CimTrak is the only software that meets the requirement of Tenet 5: The enterprise monitors and measures the integrity and security posture of all owned and associated assets. 

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Trust nothing and verify everything.

The last thing you need is a data breach.

Especially an undetected breach where the attacker can reside in your network indefinitely.

Perimeter defense tools do a reasonable job but unfortunately leave you vulnerable when they don't align with Zero Trust principles.

Mark Allers of Cimcor discussing Zero Trust at Carnegie Mellon's SEI Zero Trust Days.

NIST SP 800-207 Principles of Zero Trust

The guiding principles of Zero Trust focus on users, assets, and resources. For those areas of focus, the 7 tenets of Zero Trust were created to help guide organizations with a Zero Trust strategy.


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Assume at all times malicious presence is inside the environment and implement security controls to minimize impact. 



Organizations should continuously verify all components within their IT infrastructure to ensure no compromise has occurred.



Once verified. users, devices, and services. should be granted the minimum possible access required to complete their function-and for the shortest possible period. 

Zero Trust White House

In 2021, the White House released an executive order mandating a shift to Zero Trust principles in an effort to improve the nation's cybersecurity


global average cost of
a data breach


reduction in data breach
costs with Zero Trust


faster detection and containment with CimTrak

Arm yourself.

Download The Missing Components of Zero Trust today to elevate your security posture and avoid making the most common Zero Trust mistakes.

Simplicity shouldn't compromise power or security. 

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