CimTrak Pricing

Simple, endpoint-based pricing ensures you get exactly what you need to stay secure & compliant.

How our pricing structure works.

The primary factor that influences price is the number of endpoints you need to protect.

Other factors that influence pricing include:

  • CimTrak modules you need.
  • Integrating CimTrak with other tools in your cybersecurity stack.
  • Any other requirements you have.

Let us know what functionality you're interested in and provide your contact information. You'll be taken to a page to schedule a short conversation so we can ensure we have all the information for an accurate quote.

CimTrak Pricing Request

Why we like to talk to you before we deliver pricing.

Your pricing is customized to your specific security and compliance needs. We don’t sell "boxed" solutions where you pay for functionality and tools you don’t need.

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    “It’s just so fast to production. I have CimTrak on probably 3,000 endpoints and I’ve done that in a few weeks. It makes me more efficient, more productive…we’re much more secure for the whole company.”

    Jay Marshall

    Jay Marshall, Food City

    Security Analyst

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    “CimTrak does what it says it does–without a lot of heaviness and problems. Technical support understands the product and understands the implementation. It gives us assurance against things we cannot see or things that are hard to identify, like malware. All forensic post-event investigation and damage is prevented by the use of CimTrak.”

    John Keese

    John Kesse

    Head of Compliance

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    CimTrak and our relationship with Cimcor has saved us an order of magnitude in the realm of thousands of dollars. We’re able to accomplish a lot more than we were in the past with the same staffing.”

    Justin Quevedo - Circle Headshot

    Justin Quevedo

    Engineer, Tacoma Public Utilities

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    "We expected file integrity monitoring. We got compliance reporting. We got integration with our ticketing systems. We got what we expected and needed to meet our controls, and then a tremendous amount more.“

    James Flowers

    James Flowers

    Senior Security Principal, Atos



Advanced security and
compliance threats require

modern, intelligent solutions.

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No more living on the edge HOPING you’ll catch malicious & unauthorized changes.

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No more living in a reactive state where you can only fix things AFTER damage has been done.

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No more living in a deluge of alerts and notifications that obscure the true threats to your company.

Detect unauthorized changes.
Automate compliance.
Establish a proactive security posture.