System Integrity

Modern cybersecurity threats
require innovative solutions

1 Million

Malicious programs and variants are created every day.



Malicious programs and variants are discovered every day.

What about the other 550k threats
that haven't been detected or discovered?

CimTrak specifically helps with emerging threats that have not yet been
discovered. Up to 550,000 per day. This large gap is ignored in other security platforms.

Even the best staffed IT teams that monitor countless alerts can have unauthorized changes slip through the cracks.

For peace of mind and data protection against today’s emerging threats, companies need a way to track and block unauthorized changes before any damage is done.



What is System Integrity Assurance?

System Integrity Assurance works to identify, prohibit, and remediate unknown or unauthorized changes in real-time. This empowers your team to maintain a continuously complaint IT infrastructure in less time, with less effort.

System Integrity Assurance has all of the benefits of a File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) software plus improvements to simplify the process, reduce change-related noise, and ensure your business continues to run.

This is exactly the methodology that drives Cimcor’s best practices and why we’ve been rated among the top cybersecurity companies in the world.

CIS Benchmarks

Discover the methodology we use to secure Fortune 500 companies and how it can be applied to your business

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IT, security, and compliance
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“CimTrak does what it says it does–without a lot of heaviness and problems. Technical support understands the product and understands the implementation. It gives us assurance against things we cannot see or things that are hard to identify, like malware. All forensic post-event investigation and damage is prevented by the use of CimTrak.”

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