Docker Host and Docker Container Security

Understanding the Challenges For Securing a Docker Environment 

With their ability to quickly deploy and scale, many IT professionals are starting to utilize containers within their environments.  Docker security is often overlooked however, as the transient nature of containers often lulls users into a false sense of security.  The reality is that IT security risk still exists when using containers, and Docker host security and Docker security should be contemplated, just as it is with other IT systems.

What’s the risk?

Like more traditional servers, Docker containers can hold sensitive data such as credit card numbers, protected health information (PHI), or other critical files.  Further, they can be compromised in much the same manner as other physical and virtual servers.  For this reason, Docker host and container security is something that should be considered before containers are deployed.

How CimTrak Helps

CimTrak can easily be deployed when creating a Docker container and allows for the monitoring of the host OS as well as critical files and data that may reside in the container.  This provides users with the same level of situational awareness into changes that are occurring, just as CimTrak does for other servers. 

Docker containers deployed in cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Container Engine can also be monitored.

CimTrak ensures that a strong IT security and compliance posture is continuous maintained, minimizing risk, and providing assurance that Docker hosts and Docker containers are in a constant state of integrity.

  • Easy deployment to Docker containers
  • Ensures IT security and compliance
  • Quickly identifies malicious change
  • Simple management interface 

 Download the Docker Security and Containerization Report from Cimcor

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