Monitor Critical Database Objects And Settings for Changes

IT Security for Databases – Quickly Detect and Be Alerted to Changes to Database Schemas

Monitoring for changes to critical database components is essential to ensuring the integrity of your data. CimTrak for Databases reports on all changes to critical database components and instantly alerts you to these changes. By quickly detecting changes, you can take swift investigative action to determine if a change was malicious or even accidental.


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How CimTrak for Databases Works

Most popular database platforms are supported including:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • IBM DB2

As with all CimTrak components, CimTrak for Databases is centrally configured and managed via the CimTrak Management Console. This means that, just like other CimTrak components, it is simple to configure and use in addition to being very cost-effective.

Active monitoring of database configurations and access settings is an important aspect of database management as well as an overall best practice in the IT environment. Database monitoring is an essential component of your IT security strategy that allows you to conduct monitoring without requiring a tedious, time-consuming, manual audit process.

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