State of Security

How to protect your data
against the thousands of
daily cyberattacks


On average, cybersecurity threats are detected and contained 287 days after the initial breach


Million per breach

Millions of files are exposed every year costing companies upwards of $3.86 million per breach.


Alerts per day

Meanwhile, on average, IT teams have to sift through 3,000 alerts per day.

Only after the damage is done, even the best staffed IT teams realize that their software hasn’t helped them build a strong, secure foundation with best practices and their tools didn’t reduce their detection and response time.
While IT teams have been overwhelmed with other alerts, their compliance was at risk that whole time.

What’s the #1 mistake when implementing file integrity monitoring?


Hoping to catch the important alerts within the onslaught of notifications.

State of Security in 2024

Investments in security are increasing but the number of threats
and the frequency of breaches is not slowing down.

Monitoring and alerts that most companies use aren’t stopping the threats.

Fancy dashboards and alerts may deliver a false sense of security that can cost your business millions of dollars in wasted time, energy, and capital.

Continuously monitoring system integrity assurance and compliance can help stop the problems right in their tracks.

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The truth is... Alerts don’t get you closer to resolution and endpoint protection is not enough.

Effective cybersecurity tools...

  • Proactively prevent cyberattacks

  • Detect and block unauthorized changes

  • Provide system and file integrity monitoring while eliminating change noise

  • Simplify the Security and IT manager's life and reduce the time it takes to do their job

Today’s security tools and
platforms are reactive


No zero day attack protection
Most security tools detect and respond after the damage is done.

Notification nightmare
These security tools fail to provide accuracy and clarity.

Inability to rollback changes
Even with File Integrity Monitoring, It's impossible to remediate unauthorized changes.

Lack of normal change management workflows
Inability to track, validate, and document authorized changes throughout your infrastructure.

Advanced security and
compliance threats require

modern, intelligent solutions

Solutions that empower IT professionals to:

Protect vital


emerging threats


in real-time

The result?

A secure, continuously compliant, and audit-ready IT infrastructure.

Improve your security posture, compliance, and audit-readiness

See how CimTrak delivers System and File Integrity Monitoring and helps you achieve your security and compliance goals.

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Continuous compliance 24/7/365

What does monitoring 100% of unexpected changes look like?

Proactive risk mitigation and threat detection


Resiliency and core elements of zero trust architecture


95-98% reduction in change noise


undo or remediate any damage done to your system

What’s the most effective IT and cybersecurity solution to put a check in all your boxes?

CimTrak takes File Integrity Monitoring to the next level with System Integrity Assurance

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