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There are many powerful, security-related features unique to CimTrak.

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Real Time Integrity Monitoring
Coverage for a wide range of operating systems including Windows, Linux, and UNIX
Complete infrastructure monitoring including servers, workstations, network devices, databases, and more.
Windows Registry Monitoring
Monitors file content and all attributes
Low Cost
Easy to install, configure, and use
Completely prevent changes to critical files
Does NOT require additional ports to be opened on systems being protected.

3 reasons CimTrak is your alternative to Tripwire®

Easy Installation and Configuration

Those who have used Tripwire® software know it is difficult to install, configure, and use. Anyone with basic IT knowledge can utilize CimTrak’s IT security software with only minimal instruction. Our intuitive user experience means your organization does not need the multi-day training sessions typically required to operate Tripwire® software.

The steep learning curve for Tripwire® means that generally, only one person in an organization becomes a “subject matter expert.” IT managers and CISO’s worry that if that person leaves the organization, they will be left with a solution no one knows how to manage and face the burden of training another staff member. With CimTrak, this worry becomes a thing of the past

Additionally, customers deploying CimTrak as an alternative to Tripwire® report saving a significant amount of time configuring monitoring policies and overall management. With IT staff and information security officers frequently finding themselves with not enough hours in the day to address the daily responsibilities, let alone “put out fires,” saving this time is an invaluable investment.

Complete Coverage

When we say CimTrak covers your entire IT environment, we mean everything. Our IT security software covers your servers, workstations, network devices, databases, and more with extensive cross-platform support.

But we don’t stop there. CimTrak also monitors your drivers, services, ports, installed software, and much more, while maintaining current and previous security baselines, allowing for easy, efficient comparison when performing security audits.

Our next-generation FIM technology gives you the ability to prevent changes in real-time.  You’ll receive all this and more from IT security software that has a NIST-certified cryptographic module meeting the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 Level 2.

Low-Cost Alternative

Monitoring the integrity and compliance of your IT environment shouldn’t break your budget. Why spend more for Tripwire® when you can get the same functionality (and more) for less of an investment in both time and money?

Enterprises and government agencies of all sizes looking for a less costly alternative to Tripwire® turn to CimTrak every day.

In fact, many customers report that they are surprised at how competitively priced we are. We also regularly work with existing Tripwire® customers who are looking for an alternate integrity monitoring solution to help them reduce the spend on high yearly maintenance costs, expensive training, and time wasted trying to configure and manage the solution.

Typically, making the switch to CimTrak reduces costs immediately which greatly increases your ROI, something every business owner, IT manager, CISO, and corporate board find extremely appealing in the never-ending quest to lower operational costs.

The Right Choice

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