System and Information Integrity – FIPS 140-2 – Common Criteria Certified – Integrity Verification Tool

Increase Situational Awareness With Advanced Detection

Built with the stringent requirements of the Government in mind, CimTrak strives to be the most advanced and secure monitoring tool available. CimTrak’s cryptographic module is FIPS 140-2, Level 2 certified, and CimTrak is also Common Criteria Level 4 + FLR certified.

CimTrak is also listed on the Army Information Assurance Approved Products List (IA APL) and the DoD Unified Capabilities Approved Products List (UC APL).

U.S. Federal Government Certifications
U.S. Federal Government Compliance

Whether implemented as a stand-alone solution or integrated with a SIEM, CimTrak provides increased insight for the decision-making process by detecting crucial deviations to system configurations. CimTrak combines file integrity checking with advanced configuration monitoring to provide an in-depth view of the integrity and security status of critical endpoints. Configurable alerts and seamless integration with popular SIEM and log management tools enable data owners and custodians alike to make key decisions quickly based on situational data.

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CimTrak enhances situational awareness by capturing illicit events and activity as it occurs and providing actionable intelligence and even immediate remediation. It can determine when:

  • Sensitive or classified files have been accessed and who accessed them
  • System configurations deviate from a baseline state
  • Logic bombs or other malicious code is introduced
  • Local accounts are added or privileges are escalated
  • Application or system software is altered or corrupted
  • Stealthy software or Trojans have infiltrated the system

CimTrak’s advanced surveillance of endpoints including servers, network devices, and desktops provides an important complement to network monitoring tools. The human factor and the persistent nature of threats today challenge even the most rigorous security architecture. Traffic analyzing solutions provide valuable data, but deeper insight from the endpoint is necessary to correlate and mitigate undesired effects that can lead to system manipulation or data leakage.

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