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CIS-GRAPHIC Benchmarks Certification Dark CCimcor is pleased to announce that it is the recipient of the first-ever Center for Internet Security (CIS®) Benchmarks Configuration Certification. The Center for Internet Security has provided this certification for the CimTrak Integrity Suite running on CIS CentOS Linux 7 Benchmark Level 1 and Level 2.

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CimTrak’s integration with ITSMs technologies enables customers to identify unknown, unwanted, and unauthorized changes in real-time by capturing the approved and authorized change request and reconciling the observed changes in CimTrak. The result of this process enables a customer to identify and highlight when someone was circumventing a process, or a malicious activity was developing. This closed-loop change control value proposition is further extended by CimTrak by providing roll-back and remediation capabilities as well as change prevention.




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CimTrak can integrate into any syslog or SIEM solution via multiple protocols such as CEF, LEEF, MEF, and more. All logs data such as file changes, baseline deviations, and incompliance can be sent in real-time to your central logging solution.


EndPoint Protection

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    Cimcor has partnered with the leading endpoint protection technology to bring together best-of-breed features and functionality to stop malware with integrated threat intelligence and immediate response with the use of a single lightweight agent that operates with complete transparency making it the most robust and comprehensive endpoint technology in the world.



Cloud Providers

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Partnered with leading cloud partners, CimTrak offers its security and compliance solutions, CimTrak monitors their configuration and change management parameters that define a cloud infrastructure for Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsfot Azure, and Oracle Cloud.


Supported Hypervisors

  • hyperv
  • vmwareesxi
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CimTrak takes monitoring to the next step by monitoring the configurations of the hypervisor directly at the source. CimTrak interfaces directly with Hyper-V and VMware to securely capture actual configuration data files from the hypervisor host. Capturing the actual configuration data files allows a complete analysis of the hypervisor and the host operating system running the hypervisor. Additionally, CimTrak’s method of detection provides administrators the capability to manually and automatically roll back configurations using the authoritative copy of configurations stored within CimTrak’s Master Repository.




Containers and Orchestration

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CimTrak integrates and supports Docker, Kubernetes, Google Kubernetes Engine and Amazon EKS to ensure that both security, IT operations and compliance efforts are measured, reported and remediated if unwanted, unexpected and unauthorized configurations and changes present themselves.

From SIEMs to Containers, CimTrak Easily Integrates with Your Technologies.