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IT Integrity Monitoring, Security, and Compliance

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The Building Blocks of Secure and Compliant IT Systems

24/7 Compliance Made Simple

Securing your enterprise against internal and external threats is key to meeting compliance standards and regulations. CimTrak’s change management, auditing, and reporting capabilities allow private and public companies to meet or exceed even the most rigorous compliance mandates. From PCI, SOX, HIPAA, CIS, NIST, and many more, CimTrak has you covered.

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Compliance Control Cycle

File Integrity Monitoring - FIM 

File and System Integrity monitoring helps protect your critical files from changes, whether malicious or accidental, that can take down your critical IT infrastructure, threaten critical data, or cause non-compliance with regulations such as PCI.

Change is inevitable in the IT environment. CimTrak delivers integrity monitoring, proactive incident response, change control, and auditing capabilities in one easy to use and cost-effective file integrity monitoring tool.

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Computer reporting

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Proactive Change Control Management

Detect unexpected changes in real-time. With built-in intelligence, gain total oversight into your network and the ability to distinguish between good and bad changes within your applications and infrastructure. When a change is detected, CimTrak captures it at the exact moment it occurs and provides a detailed audit trail of the incident, including who, what, where, when, and how.

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Auditing Capabilities for Compliance Standards

Insider Threats, whether malicious or accidental can have a devastating impact on your organization’s risk and security. CimTrak offers unique built-in accountability, in accordance with PCI, CIS, NERC, NIST, HIPAA and other regulatory requirements.

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Trusted File Registry™

Provides ability to automatically identify changes due to patches and updates. Eliminate false-positive issues by automatically recognizing vendor-verified patches or updated files and promote to your organization’s baseline.

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Real-time File & Malware Analysis 

When files change, CimTrak can perform real-time analysis of file changes. Combined with the CimTrak Trusted File Registry, it is now easier than ever to identify if a file is malicious or not. This data can be used to update the master CimTrak Blacklist dynamically, and automatically check for the existence of those malicious on other systems which are monitored by CimTrak.

Threat Feed Integration

CimTrak integrates with STIX 1.0/2.0 and TAXII Thread Feeds. This constant stream of threat data provides CimTrak with additional data to provide even greater insight into your organization. 

SIEM Integration

CimTrak integrates with all leading SIEM solutions including LogRhythm, HP ArcSight, IBM QRadar, McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, RSA Security Analytics, and Splunk, all without any complicated configuration or setup.

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SIEM Integration

Integrated Ticketing

Plan and promote good changes to your baseline in an automatic process. With CimTrak’s ticketing system technology, ticketing maximizes both IT resources and security of the IT environment.

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computer reporting


CimTrak offers a wide variety of customizable reports. From high-level overview reports ideal for management presentations to comprehensive change detail reports, CimTrak gives you a level of granularity your organization needs.


"CimTrak works great. It is easy to use and the support team is fantastic." 

Mike, Direct Mail Processors.

Features and Benefits


Ease of Use

Configuration/Installation is simple and straightforward. Due to CimTrak's unique user-centric design, there is generally a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), due to reduced maintenance, training, and human resource costs.  Maintaining a secure enterprise is a complex task and CimTrak helps you focus on what matters.


Complete Coverage

CimTrak has extensive cross-platform support.   It monitors all mainstream operating systems, databases, and network devices. Gain deeper insight into changes to your users, privileges, rights, drivers, services, installed software and much more.  Maintain a complete history of current and prior secure baselines.

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Seamless Integration 

CimTrak integrates with all log management and SIEM tools via a variety of protocols. CimTrak also complements your ITSM strategy by bidirectionally syncing to many enterprise-level helpdesk, incident and ticketing tools.  CimTrak's robust API provides opportunities to integrate tightly into your operational workflow.

Total file system and device integrity monitoring.

Ensure the integrity, security, and compliance of all critical components within your IT infrastructure.

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