How CimTrak Monitors Your IT Environment For Changes

The Building Blocks of a Secure System

CimTrak consists of three integrated software components - CimTrak Management Console, CimTrak Agent and the CimTrak Master Repository. Each component operates as an autonomous unit, yet work in tandem to provide superior protection of your critical IT assets.


CimTrak Master Repository

The CimTrak Master Repository is the principal component of the CimTrak family. It is where all the authoritative and authenticated copies of protected objects are maintained, digital signatures are stored, objects are validated and communication between the other CimTrak family components is performed.


A complete revision history is kept on the CimTrak Master Repository allowing you to roll back to any pervious version of a file with a simple click of a mouse.

CimTrak Agent 

The CimTrak Agent is the watchdog of the system. Its sole objective is to capture and address any event that occurs to any object that is being protected. Each component being protected has an Agent installed, which in turn communicates through an authenticated and encrypted layer, with the CimTrak Master Repository.


The CimTrak agent can monitor a wide variety of compenents of your IT infrastructure including servers, network devices, applications, databases, and even SCADA systems. 

CimTrak Management Console 

The CimTrak Management Console or “Client” is your administrative window into the inner workings of CimTrak and your IT environment. The Management Console is used to configure users, analyze events, perform change control and produce reports. Through the Management Console, you can:

  • Create the policies to determine which directories and/or files to monitor and protect, and define what actions will be taken when a change occurs.
  • View forensic detail on changes including what was changed, what process made the change and who made the change.
  • Review extensive reports detailing any and all authorized and unauthorized changes on your IT assets as well as any corrective actions automatically taken by CimTrak.
  • Forensically study quarantined malicious code captured by CimTrak that passed by your firewall, IDS or anti-virus software.
  • View various system performance criteria such as CPU utilization, memory utilization, storage statistics, and other system health information.


CimTrak runs quietly behind the scene until it is needed, when a change is detected, a notification can be immediately sent and corrective action can be taken if so desired. No interaction is required for CimTrak to be 100% effective in maintaining IT integrity. 




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CimTrak - Free evaluation.  IT Integrity, Security and Compliance.  File integrity monitoring, PCI, NERC, HIPAA, FISMA

CimTrak - Get a quote now.  IT Integrity, Security and Compliance.  File integrity monitoring, PCI, NERC, HIPAA, FISMA.

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