Total Change & Compliance Management.

Real-time, File Integrity Monitoring, Network Configuration,
Management Compliance Assessment and more.

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Secure Your Enterprise with

Proactive Change Management

Detect unexpected changes in real-time. With the help of built-in intelligence, you gain total oversights into your network and the ability to distinguish between good and bad changes.


Securing your enterprise against internal and external threats is key to meeting external standards and regulations. CimTrak’s change management, auditing, and reporting capabilities allow private and public companies to meet or exceed even the most rigorous compliance mandates.

Auditing Capabilities

Insider threats whether malicious or accidental, can have a devastating impact on your organization’s risk and security. CimTrak offers unique-built in accountability, in accordance with PCI and other regulatory requirements.

Monitor Your Network Infrastructure with a Single, Comprehensive Tool

CimTrak Dashboard
Monitor Base

CimTrak’s modular design allows each component to operate independently while offering the convenience of centralized administration from a single security dashboard.

As a budget-friendly alternative to Tripwire® and other enterprise file integrity monitoring tools, CimTrak offers one of the most extensive feature sets to protect your organization.

How CimTrak Works

CimTrak works at the kernel level to detect change the second it occurs. This translates into a remarkably lightweight solutions, which operates transparently in the background of your monitored systems and devices.

CimTrak is easy to


CimTrak’s modular design allows each component to operate independently, while offering the convenience of centralized administration from a single security dashboard.

Total File System and Device Integrity Monitoring


Ensure the integrity, security, and compliance of your machines.

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Total protection for your vital applications and physical, vitrual, or cloud-based servers.

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Network Devices

Audit and reverse negative and malicious changes to your firewalls, routers, and switches.

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Monitor unauthorized or detrimental changes to your critical database schemas, access settings, activity, and more.

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Windows Active Directory/LDAP

Change management for Windows directory services including objects, attributes, and shema.

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Monitor configurations with ESX and ESXi hosts to prevent compromise of your guest virtual operating systems.

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Ease Of Use

Why CimTrak? Price was a factor, and with the different available packages that were offered, there was one that did exactly what we needed.

It was much easier than I thought it would be. Everything the sales department said it did, it does.

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