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GDPR takes effect in May of 2018, which means time is slipping away to begin preparing your company for compliance. Not sure where to begin? Cimcor President and CEO, Robert E. Johnson, III discusses preparing for GDPR compliance.

Video Transcription: 

"Hi. I’m Robert Johnson, and I’m president and CEO of Cimcor.

And Today I’d like to talk to you about a pressing issue – and that is GDPR: The General Data Protection Regulation. Now, this impending regulation will be in effect in May of 2018. It’s a concern to us because it requires us to change many of our processes in our organizations to ensure that we’re protecting the confidential information and personally identifiable information related to EU citizens.

Now, GDPR is an updated version of a protection directive from 1995. But in contrast, GDPR has 99 different articles of things we need to be concerned about. In this video, I’m not going to describe to you all 99 of these articles and what they contain. But I would like to ask you just two or three compelling questions.

Well, one is: Where does your data come from? What is the source of all of your data?

And two: What are all the places in your organization that that data flows? Basically, mapping out the path of that data throughout your organization.

And finally, I’d like you to think about ultimately where that data ultimately resides.

This is important because personally identifiable information, which is part of all that data, may contain very sensitive information. And that sensitive information could be web-related information such as web addresses, IP addresses; gender-related information, sexual orientation, political affiliations, and other types of data that people really consider personal, private and would like to protect.

And it’s the responsibility of organizations under GDPR to put the right controls in place to ensure the security of that information. With GDPR right around the corner in May of 2018, we need to get prepared and get prepared right away."

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Jacqueline von Ogden
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February 27, 2018
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