Networking, insights, news, and more! IT compliance conferences are integral to your cybersecurity efforts, ensuring that your team is up-to-date on the latest regulations.

No matter your industry or the size of your organization, there is an IT compliance conference that will help you better understand your business's regulations and requirements and keep you up to date on the latest cybersecurity techniques.

This post covers ten excellent options for IT compliance conferences you and your team may consider attending in the coming years. 


Why Attend IT Compliance Conferences? 

Before we dive into our list, we want to provide some basic information about the importance of attending IT compliance conferences. 

Businesses are often hesitant to send staff to compliance conferences. Conferences generally span several days, causing employees to miss out on their regularly scheduled work days to attend. Many conferences also require attendees to travel, which can be expensive. Is attending an IT compliance conference truly worth it?

Let’s discuss a few benefits your team can enjoy when you attend compliance conferences. 

First, attending conferences allows you to learn about incoming regulatory developments and new requirements you’ll need to comply with. You can also use conferences to learn about upcoming technological advancements or tools that might help you enhance your organization’s cybersecurity efforts. 

Conferences are also an excellent opportunity to network with other compliance professionals. The relationships you build at these conferences can help you solve challenging problems down the line, as you will have a whole list of potential experts you can ask for advice. 

Lastly, when you or your team members attend an IT compliance conference, you demonstrate to the stakeholders in your organization that you take compliance seriously. 



Forrester Security & Risk Summit 

When is it? November 8-9, 2022

Where is it? Washington, D.C. and online

Who should attend and why? This event is designed for senior information security professionals holding titles like Chief Security Officer, Information Security Officer, or VP of Information Security. The program covers information about defending against cyberattacks, managing your cybersecurity budget, building a solid team, and more. 

Cost to attend: Starts at $2,450


Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 

When is it? June 5-7, 2023

Where is it? National Harbor, MD

Who should attend and why? The top benefits of attending the Gartner Summit are learning the future of cybersecurity mesh, discovering the outlook for data security, learning and engaging with new technologies, and building a network of talented peers. This event is recommended for professionals from C-level to ground-level technical professionals. 

Cost to attend: Pricing is not yet available


Compliance Week 2022 

When is it? October 26-27

Where is it? Edinburgh, Scotland

Who should attend and why? This conference is intended for compliance professionals in leadership roles across all industries. They have sessions for ethics employees as well as cybersecurity leaders. At this event, you can learn from professionals across industries and gain timely updates on upcoming regulations that may impact your business. 

Cost to attend: $1,355


SCCE Technology & Compliance Conference 

When is it? 2023 dates TBA

Where is it? Virtual

Who should attend and why? This event is designed for compliance and ethics professionals, risk managers, and technology professionals in general. At this one-day virtual conference, you can learn emerging technologies and start to devise strategies for how you can use them to improve your compliance efforts.  

Cost to attend: $419 for registration and membership, $199 for members



When is it? April 17-21, 2023

Where is it? Chicago, IL

Who should attend and why? The HIMSS conference is targeted toward health information and technology professionals. Attendees can learn from clinician roundtables, keynote speakers, and specialty education sessions. 

Cost to attend: Pricing is not yet available


Energy-Sec Summit

When is it? TBA 2023

Where is it? TBA

Who should attend and why? This event is intended for information security professionals in the energy sector. At this event, energy professionals can network and learn from panels of experts about vital topics related to security in the energy industry. 

Cost to attend: $995 


RSA Conference

When is it? April 24-27, 2023

Where is it? San Francisco, CA

Who should attend and why?  The annual RSA Conference features sessions on analytics, cryptography, DevSecOps, security architecture, and more. You can find sessions geared toward everyone from C-Suite executives to entry-level professionals. Past speakers for this conference have included top executives from companies like Google, Apple, and LinkedIn. 

Cost to attend: Pricing is not yet available.


Annual ISAC Meeting

When is it? August 7-10, 2022

Where is it? Baltimore, MD

Who should attend and why? The theme for the 2022 event is Connect, Secure, and Mature. At this event, professionals can network with peers, learn about the latest developments in cybersecurity, and hear from industry experts. Some specific topics slated for this year’s event include tips for implementing cloud services and cloud security, mitigating DDoS and ransomware attacks, hiring and retention, and more. 

Cost to attend: $280 for in-person general admission


BlackHat USA 

When is it? August 6-11, 2022

Where is it? Las Vegas, NV

Who should attend and why? This conference is a hybrid experience. You can attend the full four days of training or a two-day conference on the last two days of the training.This conference brings together professionals from information security executives to hackers and non-technical individuals. Black Hat includes briefings, trainings, and research updates. 

Cost to attend: $2,495


ASIS Europe 

When is it? March 21-23, 2023

Where is it? Rotterdam, Netherlands

Who should attend and why? This intense program covers the intersection of world politics and the implications those events have on cybersecurity efforts. Attendees can debate and learn collaboratively about compliance, sustainability, and HR-related challenges. 

Cost to attend: €1,080 (approx. $1,082 at the time of writing)


Beyond the IT Compliance Conference: Maintaining Compliance with Ease

Attending IT compliance conferences is an excellent way to stay up-to-date on current trends, requirements, and policies. However, conference attendance alone is insufficient to manage the regulatory requirements needed for your business to remain compliant in your industry.

You need a solution designed to help businesses like yours understand, identify, and meet applicable standards time and time again.

The right solution can help you protect your organization’s data, gather evidence and documentation required to meet audit requirements, and provide you with vital information regarding your security posture. 

CimTrak’s compliance solution can offer you and your team all of these features and more. With CimTrak, you’ll be able to consistently achieve IT compliance in less time, with less effort. To see how, see an instant preview of our software solution today.


Lauren Yacono
Post by Lauren Yacono
September 8, 2022
Lauren is an IU graduate and Chicagoland-based Marketing Specialist.

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