Compliance and Vulnerability Management to

Secure Your IT Infrastructure


Get Compliant. Stay Compliant. Prove It.

Organizations rely on systems and data to conduct business. Securing your IT infrastructure is a key challenge, strategic business initiative and many times regulatory compliance.

Regulations such as SOX, PCI, HIPAA, FFIEC, FISMA, NERC-CIP, SWIFT, GDPR, CDM, CJIS, and many others have evolved to ensure accountability and privacy.

CimTrak ’s integrated compliance module provides the necessary auditing, alerting, and reporting capabilities to track changes and maintain compliance in real-time. 

This compliance assurance is simple to use, cost-effective and eliminates the ongoing headaches of continuous audits.

Compliance Control Cycle

Regulatory Requirements CimTrak Helps With


CimTrak detects and eliminates unauthorized changes, cybersecurity threats and compliance risks


CimTrak ensures cardholder data security and file integrity


CimTrak helps monitor the security of personal data for GPDR compliance


CimTrak helps the financial community comply with many mandatory and advisory controls


CimTrak assures records are authentic and tamper-free making healthcare compliance what it should be


CimTrak provides intrusion detection and real-time remediation from Wall Steet to local institutions


CimTrak rigorously tracks and reports changes made to information technology systems 


CimTrak helps with compliance and security of NIST


CimTrak detects and eliminates unauthorized changes, cybersecurity threats and compliance risks


CimTrak helps security teams and organizations with policy and implementation and information integrity


CimTrak helps agencies with Phase 1 and Phase 3 of CDM

SOC 2 

CimTrak helps with SOC Type 2 Reports and Controls


CimTrak helps with FedRAMP compliance by ensuring security and integrity across the infrastructure


CimTrak can help ensure that all components in the secure zone are in the expected state of integrity and more.

Benchmarks CimTrak Helps With 


CimTrak helps to manage configuration and change management processes with integrity verification.


CimTrak covers hardened baseline configurations and stays current with recently identified vulnerabilities


CimTrak helps with dozens and dozens more regulatory requirements.

Don't see a compliance requirement you need help with? Just ask.


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Compliance and Vulnerability Management

CimTrak adds a vital security layer to critical infrastructure while simultaneously supporting compliance and best practices requirements.

Changes to servers, network devices and applications can be tracked and documented. Determining who, what, when, where, why (ticketing), and how (process) something has changed since the last audit cycle is as simple as generating a report.

Along with securing your systems and data, you must also prove that your cybersecurity policies and procedures are aligned with internal audits, internal security policies as well as external standards and regulations. From internal controls and risk management to regulatory affairs, CimTrak helps organizations stay compliant.


The  Compliance Module for CimTrak was designed to simplify your compliance needs regardless of the number of regulatory requirements or standards imposed on your organization.

  • Dashboard and reporting capabilities are intuitive allowing for a single view of test results
  • Compliance scoring and policy groupings allowing compliance requirements to be illustrated as a single test with remediation instructions
  • Your organization is brought into full compliance ensuring that it stays there



Simply put…there is no need for an additional console to gain the necessary visibility into compliance activity! The CimTrak Compliance Module is fully integrated with our core product to simplify and correlate with security and integrity management activities into a single pane of glass.

Compliance Dashboard border


Compliance mappings enable your organization to create a custom set of benchmark tests to comply with specific standards that may not otherwise exist, or that need to be tailored to your organization’s own specific requirements.

compliance mappings border


Many compliance standards and organizations release benchmarks to ensure compliance in applicable systems and services. These benchmarks can be uploaded to the Compliance Module for CimTrak for testing, auditing, reporting and instructions to remediate where applicable.

Compliance-Scan - border-1


Network device discovery helps you to discover and collect information about physical assets such as routers, switches, servers, hosts and firewalls which can then be assigned an appropriate compliance policy with a simple point and click.

Compliance network discover border


Regularly scanning the devices in your organization based on a single policy, you can track any changes or deviations regarding compliance. These policies can also be grouped together to provide a common compliance framework where compliance criteria across various regulatory requirements can be represented as a single test.



When your organization is being audited, the Compliance Solution for CimTrak provides and easy solution to show current and historical compliance to your industry standards and compliance requirements.


Compliance report border


Given every infrastructure is different and unique, oftentimes there’s a need to allow a condition to exist within a policy(s) and take exception.  This exception is highlighted as a waiver for future auditing activities.

waiver management border


CimTrak's extensive cross-platform support provides an agent-based solution that can provide real-time change detection and alerting, as well as agentless which can be on-demand or scheduled, giving you the ability to understand your systems’ state at the time of the scan.

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