Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) 

CDM Compliance Requirements 

The Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation (CDM) program, designed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has been deployed in over 70 agencies including 23 CFO Act agencies.

The CimTrak integrity Suite provides state of the art continuous monitoring of servers and network devices, helping agencies with CDM Phases 1 and 3. 

Phase 1: What is on the Network?

CimTrak helps meet specific CDM Phase 1 requirements including:

  • HWAM: Hardware Assessment Management
  • SWAM: Software Assessment Management

In addition to meeting many CDM requirements, CimTrak contributes to every high-level CDM security objective.

Phase 3: What is Happening on the Network?

CimTrak can provide real-time insight into exactly what is happening to the network. CimTrak detects and logs unexpected changes to servers and network devices in real-time. CimTrak's built-in ticketing system facilitates incident management. 

CimTrak Helps meet these specific CDM requirements:

  • MNGEVT (Manage Events)
  • OMI(Operate, Monitor, Improve)

To learn about how CimTrak helps with CDM compliance, download the CDM compliance brief today.


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