NIST 800-53/FISMA Compliance


System Integrity and Information Assurance for U.S. Federal Government Agencies

CimTrak provides a validation process for change procedures along with alert and remediation mechanisms for any unauthorized modifications that occur outside of the change control window.

NIST 800-53 Federal Requirements

Through its advanced file integrity and system configuration monitoring, CimTrak also helps meet several control objectives under FISMA’s

  • Audit and Accountability (AU)
  • Assessment and Authorization (CA)
  • Configuration Management (CM),
  • Contingency Planning (CP)
  • Incident Response (IR) 
  • Maintenence (MA)
  • Media Protection (MP)
  • System and Services Acquisition (SA)
  • Systems and Communications Protection (SC)
  • System and Information Integrity (SI)

Other control categories found in NIST 800-53 also benefit from the wealth of audit detail captured and stored in the CimTrak Repository. 


How CimTrak Helps with NIST 800-53 

Complete Integrity Monitoring

Instant notification and in-depth insight into all changes. Complete coverage for your environment and man y 800-53 requirements

Automated Configuration Monitoring

Monitor critical configurations to ensure you are in compliance with 800-53.

Complete Perimeter Protection

Monitor your environment. Don’t let unauthorized access occur with your routers, firewalls, and network devices.

Simplify 800-53 Compliance

See for yourself how to make your systems truly secure and compliant.