PCI Compliance/Monitor Critical PCI System Configurations

Audit System Configurations For PCI-DSS Compliance

Ensuring that your system settings remain in a compliant state is essential to ensuring the security of your PCI environment. Being able to know and respond to non-compliant settings helps prevent breaches of payment card information that can lead to costly fines and litigation as well as loss of reputation.

CimTrak’s PCI Configuration Monitor automatically checks a large number of critical configurations on your Windows systems for PCI compliance. Should a non-compliant setting be detected, you are instantly notified and able to take immediate action.

Saves Time and Resources – The CimTrak PCI Configuration Monitor replaces manual checking of Windows system settings, which avoids tying up your IT personnel.

More Frequent Checking – CimTrak’s PCI module allows checking system settings on a much more frequent basis, thus providing timely alerts to non-compliant settings.

Full Reporting – CimTrak provides a complete report of your settings. At a glance, you can see whether your system settings are compliant. Further, your have the ability to drill-down and see the exact settings being checked and know whether they are in compliance or not.

Guidance on Remediation of Non-Compliant Settings – The CimTrak PCI Configuration Monitor report details what the compliant setting is so you can quickly remediate any non-compliant settings.

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