Change Control

Take Control of Change to Your Critical IT Assets

Managing change within the IT enterprise is critical to maintaining IT security and compliance and is considered a best practice in IT management. CimTrak ensures the availability and integrity of your critical IT assets by instantly detecting all changes to your applications and infrastructure

When a change is detected, CimTrak captures it at the exact moment it occurs and provides a detailed audit trail of the incident, including:

  • Where the change was made
  • When the change took place
  • Who made the change
  • How the change was made
  • What was changed

This level of detail and analysis is critical to your IT organization which must have documentation ready to prove continuous compliance with an ever-expanding list of regulations as well as assist you in tracking changes as they occur for routine review.

Complete Change Reporting

With an extensive array of reports, CISOs, IT security officers, IT directors, and auditors can have exactly the information that they need. From management overviews, down to identifying each change occurring on a particular system, CimTrak’s reports provide the information you need to know in exactly the format that you need. You can even create your own custom reports or export data to the reporting tool of your choice.

CimTrak also integrates with most any SIEM solution including HP ArcSight, IBM QRadar, RSA Security Analytics, McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, and Splunk which gives you the option to send change data to your SIEM for further analytics or reporting.

Proactive Change Control Options

Unlike other change management solutions on the market today, CimTrak gives you unprecedented capabilities to proactively take control of changes. CimTrak’s “Deny Rights” and “Restore” modes allow users to either completely prevent or instantly revert changes to critical systems. This allows CimTrak to detect and respond to unexpected changes so that your critical business functions remain available to employees, customers, and suppliers.

Advanced Ticketing Capabilities

The first file integrity monitoring tool with integrated ticketing capabilities, CimTrak differentiates good change from the bad, allowing the focus and resources to be directed where you need them.

Keeps Your Systems Secure and Running

CimTrak’s change control and configuration management features ensure that your critical IT assets cannot be tampered with, either maliciously or inadvertently, without detection. This guarantees that your systems keep running the way they are intended to, so there is no interruption in your business operations or compliance violations.

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