Get Compliant, Stay Compliant and Prove It

When your organization relies on systems and data to conduct business, securing your IT infrastructure is a key challenge and strategic business initiative. Along with securing your systems and data, you must also prove that your security processes and policies are aligned with internal security policies as well as external standards and regulations.

CimTrak’s change tracking, auditing and reporting capabilities as well as its ability to integrate with other aggregating and management tools make it invaluable to both private and public companies and government agencies that need to adhere to rigorous standards and regulatory compliance mandates, such as:

CimTrak adds a vital security layer to critical infrastructure while simultaneously supporting compliance and best practices requirements. Any and all changes to servers, network devices and applications can be tracked and documented. Determining who, what, and when something has changed since the last audit cycle is as simple as generating a report

Regulations such as GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, FISMA, and so many others have evolved to ensure accountability and privacy. CimTrak ’s integrated auditing and reporting capabilities are valuable tools to track changes and maintain compliance.

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