System Hardening
and Trusted Benchmarks

Reduce And Mitigate Risk With CIS Benchmarks & DISA STIGs

CimTrak continually monitors and assesses asset configuration against your chosen framework and infrastructure. When an issue or misconfiguration is found, CimTrak raises an alert and provides the necessary evidence and guidance on how to resolve it — on a continuous basis. As an IT security, integrity, and compliance platform that automates the process of achieving and maintaining compliance with best practices and frameworks like DISA STIGS and CIS Benchmarks, CimTrak's functionality provides necessary assurance with real-time detection of changes.
Organizations can implement system hardening standards in conjunction with a file integrity monitoring (FIM) solution to create a continuous workflow for security and compliance. This covers everything from servers, network devices, OS, to meeting compliance objectives with various regulations such as PCI DSS, CMMC, HIPAA, SOX, NERC, FFIEC, FISMA,  GDPR, CDM, SWIFT, and more.

How CimTrak Helps With System Hardening Best Practices

Integrity Drift

Monitor system files and critical configurations across your environment for change and remediate when appropriate.

Configuration Management
Instant notification and in-depth insight into the current state and all future changes in your environment. Complete coverage and automated, CIS benchmarks certified platform. 
Automatic System Hardening

Monitor areas of non-compliance and eliminate drift. Reduce and eliminate entry points an attacker could exploit.

Mapping and Compliance

CimTrak has eliminated the headaches and confusion of mapping the various compliance mandate with CIS Benchmarks to simplify assessing, maintaining, reporting, and correcting misconfigured devices.

CimTrak can pinpoint exactly what changed and provide complete change audit information. 

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Reduced Security Risk

CimTrak's integrated benchmarks assist with:

  • Server hardening
  • Operating system hardening
  • Software application hardening
  • Network hardening
  • Database Hardening
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Identify Misconfigurations & Remediate

CimTrak's continuous compliance solution provides the necessary guidance to fix and remediate failed compliance scans. 

Auditing Capabilities
System Configuration & Network Hardening

As the first-ever CIS Benchmarks Configuration Certification Technology, CimTrak assesses an infrastructure's risks and vulnerabilities network hardening by scanning your environment. Receive a real-time view of how system configuration compares with your chosen framework.


Maintain System Hardening & Stay Secure / Compliant

Reporting for audits and configuration drift just became simple. Minimizing risk and vulnerabilities in real-time drastically reduces the risk of security breaches and improves the ability to pass compliance audits.

Automate System Hardening For Security/Compliance

See how CimTrak saves time and resources with system hardening in your environment.