IT Integrity, Security, and Compliance

The Building Blocks of Secure and Compliant IT Systems

CimTrak is a comprehensive security, integrity and compliance application that is easy to deploy and scales to the largest of global networks. CimTrak’s automated detection process, flexible response options, and auditing capabilities make it a powerful compliance, information assurance and security tool.  As an alternative to Tripwire® and other file integrity monitoring software, CimTrak provides an uparrelled feature set which is simple to use, yet comes a a budget friendly price.

Built around leading edge, proprietary, file integrity monitoring technology, CimTrak protects any type of file, whether it is a document, executable, script, application program file, or operating system file. It also monitors for changes to critical system and device configurations, as well as critical database components.  CimTrak instantly determines when files and configurations are modified and, if desired, take instant, proactive action to correct the change and mitigate risk. With advanced ticketing capabilities, CimTrak differentiates good change from bad, allowing the focus to be placed on changes that truly need attention.

Each CimTrak product can operate as an autonomous unit, yet all products are centrally configured and managed from a single Management Console/Security Dashboard.

CimTrak for Servers

Protects against unauthorized change to vital applications and servers (physical, virtual or cloud based), including operating system settings, system files, directories, data files, file attributes and Windows® Registry settings.

CimTrak for Network Devices

Protects against unauthorized and destructive changes to your network infrastructure, including firewalls, routers, and switches as well as accidental misconfigurations that can lead to your IT infrastructure being compromised.

CimTrak for Databases

Protects against unauthorized changes to critical database schemas including changes to security and access settings which have the potential to allow critical data to be breached.

CimTrak for Active Directory/LDAP

Protects against changes to your directory services including objects, attributes, and schema.

CimTrak for Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Protects aginst changes to POS systems that can allow payment card data to be breached or cripple these business critical IT assets.

CimTrak for VMware ESX/ESXi Configuration Monitoring

Protects against changes to VMware ESX and ESXi host configurations that can lead to a compromise of a large number of “guest” virtual operating systems.

CimTrak for File Integrity Monitoring

Protects critical files from changes, whether malicious or accidental, that can take down your critical IT infrastructure, threaten critical data, or cause non-compliance with with regulations such as PCI.

Change is inevitable in the IT environment. CimTrak delivers integrity monitoring, proactive incident response, change control, and auditing capabilities in one easy to use and cost effective file integrity monitoring tool.