Stop Website Attacks And Changes That Affect Your Sites Availability And Functionality

In today’s digital age, your website is the face of your business.  When it is defaced, inaccessible, or contains risks to visitor computers, your business suffers.  Whether it is loss of reputation, loss of sales, or legal fees, malicious or unitended changes have serious consequences.  Gaining visibility into changes that are happening to your website is the key to ensuring its’ health and security.

CimTrak helps by monitoring your websites files and then instantly notifing you of any changes.  CimTrak Web Defender can even automatically revert changes to ensure that your site’s content can not change unless you need it to.  This ability essentially self-heals your website and offers complete protection against hackers that can deface your site or add malicious content.

With CimTrak You Can:

  • Stop website hacks
  • Stop website defacement
  • Stop unauthorized changes
  • Gain complete visibility into all changes to your site