Achieve And Maintain IT Compliance While Maximizing System Uptime, Security And Efficiency

Proactively Secure Your Critical Infrastructure and Ensure IT Compliance With Regulatory Requirements

With economic gain as the driver, today’s threats are increasingly complex, efficient and criminal. Advances in malware, bot-nets, phishing and countless other attack vectors make it very difficult to know what’s infiltrating your critical IT systems. Regardless of how big or small, unexpected changes from either external or internal sources can be dangerous, embarrassing and costly.


CimTrak is a key component in the IT compliance and security strategy of enterprises and government agencies worldwide.  CimTrak quickly, easily and cost-effectively preserves your system’s state and can instantly take action when changes occur. With CimTrak, you get integrity monitoring, proactive incident response, change control and auditing capabilities in one easy tool.



Don’t let malicious attacks or innocent mistakes stop you in your tracks. Increase your survivability from unexpected changes with CimTrak