Cimcor Announces Latest CimTrak Update With Focus on Additional Monitoring For Increased Security


Cimcor introduces port monitoring with the latest version of CimTrak to further help with zero-day attacks and the identification of additional port openings within critical systems. 

Merrillville, IN, June 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ --As cyber threats and zero-day attacks continue to increase, Cimcor, the global leader in file integrity monitoring with system integrity assurance, has announced the release of CimTrak 4.1.29, the latest version of the file and system integrity monitoring software. This latest update introduces a variety of updates and capabilities, with the central capability allowing CimTrak to document and justify ports that are expected to be in use on a system. CimTrak will take a baseline of the system's port usage and identify if any ports open or close on a scheduled basis. With the new Port Baseline Report, you can easily see which ports are open and in use, if those ports were justified to be used (or not), a description of its usage, and the ability to see if expected ports are missing (possibly indicated a critical web server or application is down).

"This is a tremendous update that will benefit not only the organizations who may have to adhere to and utilize NERC-CIP regulations but also those businesses who are focused on an increased security posture,” said Robert E. Johnson, III, Cimcor, Inc. President, and CEO. "Any time a port is opened, an organization is creating a risk. This update was intentionally designed—from a philosophical and security perspective—to help reduce the risk of zero-day attacks by eliminating the need to open additional ports."Previously a manual process, port monitoring will allow CimTrak to identify if new web servers have been loaded on the system, are what is considered "actively listening," or if other applications are opening ports, allowing traffic to go into a machine. This CimTrak update will be available to all existing customers and will be a native feature in the CimTrak File System Agent. Johnson notes that this is a "big win" for many, especially those within the utility industry, as they have to comply with NERC CIP-007, section five, which states "the entirety should know what network post, network accessible ports, and associated services are accessible on their assets.”


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CimTrak 4.1.29 is currently available for new and existing customers. 

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June 7, 2023


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