Schellman & Cimcor

Cimcor & Schellman - Strategically Aligned


Take control of your security posture and compliance mandates with a comprehensive set of controls that visualize, analyze, and prioritize the detection and response of targeted attacks, data breaches, and compliance drift in real time with Cimcor's CimTrak.  

By combining CimTrak's real-time integrity monitoring with Schellman's compliance expertise, organizations can take control of their security posture and confidently meet compliance mandates.

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Together, we aim to help organizations:

  • Identify security vulnerabilities that put compliance at risk
  • Make informed decisions to strengthen their compliance posture
  • Provide ongoing evidence of integrity controls
  • Ensure proper separation of duties

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Add Unparalleled Visibility To Your Environment

Deploy CimTrak across your security stack to enhance monitoring, auditing, and change control processes.


Real-Time Automated Detection

CimTrak instantly logs all changes to target systems and applications with full forensic details.

Maintain System Integrity

Validate the integrity of your infrastructure by detecting changes against trusted baselines, CIS benchmarks (and 50+ other compliances), and other integrity attributes.

Roll-Back & Remediation

CimTrak has the ability to take immediate action to reverse a detected change. This effectively allows a system to "self-heal." CimTrak is the only integrity tool with this powerful feature. 

Prevent Unexpected Change

On certain platforms, CimTrak can prevent changes entirely for those files and directories that should never change, avoiding the start of a breach or compliance problem entirely. 

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