CimTrak for LDAP/OpenLDAP

What We Monitor

LDAP is a protocol that is used for querying and modifying an X.500 directory service over TCP/IP. OpenLDAP is an open-source implementation of LDAP. Applications of LDAP include address books, email address lists, mail server configurations, and central authentication servers. CimTrak for LDAP/OpenLDAP monitors the directory’s contents and schema for changes, additions, and deletions.


How CimTrak for LDAP/OpenLDAP Works

When CimTrak locks an LDAP installation for monitoring, it reads the entire contents of the directory database. It calculates a digital signature for each member, configuration, or schema entity and stores it in CimTrak’s master repository along with a copy of the entity itself.

At user-configured intervals, CimTrak reads the contents of the directory database, calculates the digital signature of each entity, and compares it to the signature stored in CimTrak’s master repository.

When CimTrak detects a changed (or an added or deleted) entity, the entity and its digital signature is then stored in the master repository. The master repository then logs the detected change and sends notifications to the configured emails and/or configured syslog services and/or SNMP services.


Benefits of Using CimTrak for LDAP/OpenLDAP

CimTrak detects any change to the attributes of any member entity or configuration. When changes are detected, CimTrak for LDAP/OpenLDAP can be used to compare the entity’s attributes to the entity’s previous configuration, and restore a previous configuration when necessary.
  • CimTrak for LDAP/OpenLDAP can detect when an entity has been added to or deleted from the domain, log the activity, and notify the responsible parties by e-mail, syslog or SNMP.
  • CimTrak for LDAP/OpenLDAP can detect, log, and notify when its configuration have been modified, added, or deleted.
  • CimTrak for LDAP/OpenLDAP can detect, log, and notify when any content has been modified, added to, or deleted from the directory’s database.
  • CimTrak for LDAP/OpenLDAP can detect, log, and notify when any of the directory’s schema entities have been modified, added, or deleted.

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