CimTrak for Juniper JunOS

What We Monitor

Juniper JunOS is the operating system that runs on Juniper routers. In addition to directing network traffic between networks, routers often perform certain security functions as well. The behavior and functionality of the router is determined by the configuration stored at the router. 
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How CimTrak for JunOS Works

When CimTrak locks a Juniper device for monitoring, it reads the configuration of the device. It calculates a digital signature for the elements of the configuration, and stores them in CimTrak’s master repository along with a copy of the configuration elements.

At user-configured intervals, CimTrak reads the configuration elements, calculates the digital signatures, and compares them to the signatures stored in CimTrak’s master repository.


Benefits of Using CimTrak for JunOS

CimTrak detects any change to the Juniper device’s running configuration.

  • When changes are detected, CimTrak for Network Devices can be used to compare the device’s configuration to its previous configuration, and restore a previous configuration when necessary.
  • CimTrak for Network Devices can detect any change to the Juniper device’s startup configuration, log the activity, and notify the responsible parties by e-mail, Syslog or SNMP
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