Cimcor is committed to helping you deploy and maintain our solutions successfully. We believe that the best method of doing this is to ensure that our customers have all the knowledge and tools required to deploy, administer, troubleshoot, and use the CimTrak software solutions themselves.

That’s why Cimcor works with you to design a training curriculum for your CimTrak investment which focuses on your IT infrastructure’s architecture and organization’s business needs.

We offer several training options and certifications for standard and advanced users. In addition to periodic training courses hosted by Cimcor, customized on-site training can also be provided in order to accommodate schedules and a larger number of personnel.

Standard Training Program

The Standard Training program is designed for personnel that will need to understand the primary functions and capabilities of CimTrak once the implementation is complete. It includes an overview of how CimTrak works and instruction on using the Management Console within their specific job function.

Advanced Training Program

Advanced training for administrators and power users goes deeper into system configuration and implementation procedures. This includes installation of all CimTrak components, a detailed review of the system architecture, guidelines for efficient implementation and thorough instruction for managing all aspects of CimTrak through the Management Console.

 Cimcor also offers certification for strategic partners.

 Please call us at 219-736-4400 or contact us below for more information about our training and certification programs.