CMMC Compliance with CimTrak

 Implement Controls Objectives With Ease




Comply with CMMC Requirements

Achieving Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance is critical for the Department of Defense (DoD) contractors and subcontractors. CimTrak provides a clear and simple method to implement many of the control objectives.

CimTrak provides a clear and simple method to implement many of the control objectives of CMMC

  • AC - Access Control

  • AM - Asset Management

  • AU - Audit and Accountability

  • CM - Configuration Management

  • IR -  Incident Response

  • RE - Recovery

  • RM  - Risk Management

  • SA - Security Assessment

  • SC - System & Communication Protection

  • SI - System & Information Integrity 

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How CimTrak Helps with CMMC Policies

IT Governance

Instant notification and in-depth insight into all changes. Complete coverage for your environment. 

Risk Mitigation

Monitor critical configurations to ensure a compliant state.

Audit & Compliance

Monitor your environment. Don’t let unauthorized access occur with your routers, firewalls, and network devices.


Similar to existing frameworks, like CIS benchmarks, CMMC includes 5 levels of certification. 

The requirements for many capabilities increase as you progress through the five levels of certification.

  • Level 1: Performed 
  • Level 2: Documented 
  • Level 3: Managed
  • Level 4: Reviewed
  • Level 5: Optimizing


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CimTrak Simplifies CMMC Compliance


CimTrak provides a historical configuration setting to establish a chain of evidence and root of trust. CimTrak’s real-time change detection and response technology provides a closed-loop change control system that covers everything from servers and desktops to cloud configurations, hypervisors, container orchestration, databases, and more. CimTrak's built-in ticketing system can be used standalone or in unison with leading ITSM vendors to capture authorized work orders to reconcile expected changes with observed leaving unwanted and unexpected changes highlighted for review and/or remediation.

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CimTrak provides manual or automated roll-back capability as well as change prevention for those files, directories or configurations that should never change. CimTrak also provides both black and whitelisting correlation, STIX/TAXII feeds and file reputation services to provide more contextual information to help identify what should and should not be running in your environment.


Given CimTrak’s patented real-time change detection capability, immediate notification and remediation options are available to ensure that any potential threat, both internal and external, does not permeate throughout the organizations. CimTrak’s mean time to detect (MTTD) malicious and unwanted changes is measured in minutes as opposed to the industry average of 206 days.


CimTrak monitors and reports in real-time
change activity from a trusted and secure
baseline and provides forensic details and
analysis to investigate unauthorized changes
and activities.


CimTrak has the capability of restricting and
preventing access and changes to systems
files, directories, and other critical operating
components and reporting forensic level data.


CimTrak can scan and detect vulnerabilities
utilizing threat intelligence feeds as well as
white/blacklisting cloud services.

Simplify CMMC Compliance

See for yourself how to comply with CMMC regulations and audits.