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“CimTrak does what it says it does–without a lot of heaviness and problems. Technical support understands the product and understands the implementation. It gives us assurance against things we cannot see or things that are hard to identify, like malware. All forensic post-event investigation and damage is prevented by the use of CimTrak.”

Author - John Keese

John Keese

Head of Compliance zoom-logo blue 2

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Case Study

Zoom's CimTrak Experience

Learn how CimTrak's file integrity monitoring software helped Zoom detect changes to servers and network devices in real-time. 

Case Study - Tacoma Power

Tacoma Power Aces Audit

See how Tacoma Power was able to enter their NERC-CIP audit and pass — hassle-free by using CimTrak's file integrity monitoring solution for compliance. 

Case Study - Atos

Atos + CimTrak = Success

Learn how Atos achieved compliance with ARS controls and increased their security footprint using CimTrak's file integrity monitoring software. 

Case Study - Food City

Food City Secured with CimTrak

Find out how Food City amped up their security posture and now maintain continuous compliance with PCI-DSS standards across the entire company.

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