Small to Mid-Size Organizations

CimTrak fits in your environment.

Though CimTrak can scale to the large IT environments typically found in global businesses, it also is found in numerous small and medium sized organizations who face a number of similar IT security and compliance challenges, just on a smaller scale. Whether you need to monitor servers, workstations, network devices, databases or other applications for changes, CimTrak fits in your environment.

With the seemingly endless barrage of threats affecting IT systems, it is critical for organizations of all sizes to be protected. Changes to the IT environment, especially those that are unknown or malicious are critical to detect, as they can be an early warning of a larger issue. CimTrak works in environments of all sizes, providing instant change alerting and complete forensic details of all changes for quick analysis. Even organizations with a small amount of IT infrastructure are still often required to comply with various regulations such as PCI-DSS which require an integrity monitoring solution.

With its simple deployment and ongoing management, CimTrak is ideal for small and medium sized organizations with limited IT staff. You don’t have to settle for less. CimTrak’s SmartFIM™ technology simply gives all users the best file integrity monitoring experience possible, and its budget friendly pricing means that any organization can afford to utilize CimTrak.

We Continue to Innovate

CimTrak focuses on developing new functionalities and cutting-edge innovations. See for yourself why CimTrak is the best alternative to Tripwire® software.