Protect Critical IT Assets

Utilities, such as those that generate power or deliver water are faced with an increasing level of threats, which seem to become more prevalent each day. Whether a zero-day attack or an accidental system misconfiguration, threats to critical infrastructure abound. These threats have the ability to cause service disruptions, which cost utilities money and can have even more devastating consequences. Protecting IT assets is essential to ensuring a continuous operating condition.

One key threat to utilities is deviation from a known operating configuration. Change can become the enemy when it signals the introduction of malware, causes an unintended operational state, or allows unauthorized system access. CimTrak offers valuable protection for utilities by allowing them to identify, verify, and remediate changes.

  • Identify changes to key files, configurations, and user profiles
  • Verify that changes are legitimate
  • Remediate changes that are harmful or unauthorized

Find out more about how CimTrak helps utilities around the globe protect their critical infrastructure and helps to assure compliance with compliance regulations such as NERC-CIP.

Download our free NERC CIP Compliance Brief now to learn more about all the ways the CimTrak solution helps utility companies meet their CIP requirements.

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