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Continued growth in the U.S. for the CimTrak security, integrity, and compliance software

Chicago, Ill. (September 7, 2016)- Cimcor’s latest national partnership helps expand CimTrak's position in the cybersecurity marketplace.  Listed as #75 on Cybersecurity Ventures 2016 list of the 500 Hottest Security Companies, Cimcor continues to expand its global presence with its newest partner IT Security, Inc., which ranked #21 on the Cybersecurity Ventures 2015 list.

Veteran-owned IT Security, Inc. will resell Cimcor’s flagship software product CimTrak, which monitors servers and network devices for unintended and unexpected changes to files and configurations.   In the event of an unapproved change, CimTrak will provide immediate alerting and optional remediation capabilities. “I am confident IT Security will be a great partner.  They are an outstanding company and we share a common goal to help organizations secure their infrastructure even though the cyber threat landscape is rapidly changing and evolving,” said Robert E. Johnson, III, President/CEO of Cimcor.

Albert Whale, President and Chief Security Officer of IT Security commented on the recent partnership. “We partnered with Cimcor to offer our clients the CimTrak software because it can detect and reverse cyber events almost immediately,” said Whale. Johnson added, "Mr. Whales' comments reflect the growing sentiment by our customers that mere detection is no longer sufficient, and that a more proactive approach, as pioneered by CimTrak, is necessary."



About IT Security, Inc.
IT Security’s mandate is to work with organizations to solidify their existing security posture before a breach. IT Security is experienced in providing Cyber Security Assessments, Penetration testing, as well as working with existing Security & Development teams. IT Security can bridge the gap between Compliance and Security by offering complete auditing and assessment services as well as remediation to bring organizations into a better security posture.

About Cimcor, Inc.
Founded in 1997, and an industry leader in developing innovative security, integrity, and compliance software solutions, Cimcor is on the front lines of global corporate, government, and military initiatives to protect critical IT infrastructure and has consistently brought IT integrity innovations to market. Cimcor's flagship software product, CimTrak, helps organizations monitor and protect a wide range of physical, network, and virtual IT assets in real-time with leading-edge file integrity monitoring capabilities, and provides organizations with deep situational awareness. This awareness, including who is making changes, what is being changed, when changes are occurring, and how changes are being made, coupled with the ability to take instant action upon detection of change, gives organizations assurance their IT assets are always in a secure and compliant state.

CimTrak is certified to Common Criteria EAL Level 4 +, Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Level 2 compliant; it is on the Army Approved Products List and the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Unified Capabilities Approved Products List (UC-APL). For more information or a free evaluation, visit:

Post by Cimcor
September 7, 2016


About Cimcor

Cimcor’s File Integrity Monitoring solution, CimTrak, helps enterprise IT and security teams secure critical assets and simplify compliance. Easily identify, prohibit, and remediate unknown or unauthorized changes in real-time