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Table of Contents

Securing your VMware ESXi hypervisors is vital to maintaining continuous operations for your business. The CimTrak ESXi Configuration Monitor is fully enabled to monitor your ESXi hosts. Its flexibility allows users to monitor users, roles/privileges, resource pools, virtual machines, virtual hardware (hard drives, processors, ram), and network configuration (port groups, physical adapters). So if your company is using VMware ESXi, CimTrak has you covered.

As you can see in the video below, monitoring changes to ESXi is simple for your personnel within the CimTrak management console. Changes that occur in your systems are chronologically logged and easy to compare. As with other sectors of your IT operations, CimTrak can be customized to alert your IT team regarding changes. 

Bringing ESXi changes to the surface quickly can be the difference between a minor incident and a catastrophic one. Stay in the know about any additions, deletions, or modifications to your ESXi host configuration and whether they might be an indication of a larger unwanted cyber security situation.


Your ESXi host provides the keys to the Kingdom 

Securing your ESXi host is critical. Not securing ESXi is like leaving your front door unlocked. Who does that these days? When ESXi is compromised, everything down the line can be too. Virtual machines spun up for applications or databases can become vulnerable as well, which under the right circumstances could lead to a costly and damaging data breach. Virtual guest machines can also be monitored by CimTrak for Servers for complete coverage of your virtual infrastructure.

Find out why IT security teams all over the world entrust their ESXi monitoring to CimTrak. Download our VMware solution brief today.

Detect Unexpected Changes

Jacqueline von Ogden
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November 12, 2015
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