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Leading Amazon Web Services Managed Service Provider Powers Cloud Security Solution with The CimTrak Integrity Suite

Merrillville, IN  (May 5, 2015)  Cimcor, Inc. has partnered with leading Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Service Provider, Day1 Solutions, to offer a turn-key cloud security solution. Day1 Solutions is Cimcor's first Gold Level Cloud Partner. As a result of this partnership, Cimcor and Day1 Solutions are able to provide world-class cloud server and network integrity monitoring for AWS users.

Starting immediately, Day1 Solutions will provide a Continuous Monitoring As A Service (CMaaS) solution to their customers, which will be powered by Cimcor’s CimTrak Integrity Suite. This will provide real-time monitoring of changes to cloud-based servers, network devices, and other cloud-based assets. Further, Day1 Solutions will provide configuration assistance, support, and 24/7 monitoring.

“The combination of Day1 Solutions and the CimTrak Integrity Suite provides customers with true confidence that the applications deployed into the cloud are secure and are being continuously monitored", stated, Robert E. Johnson, III, President and CEO of Cimcor, Inc. He further remarked, "Implementing strong controls for security and integrity of cloud-based servers, while simultaneously maintaining operational continuity will help drive accelerated adoption of the cloud. Day1 Solutions has developed an extremely robust, managed cloud offering, which now extends their Amazon Web Services (AWS) offerings to include our award-winning file integrity monitoring and network integrity monitoring tools.”

The CimTrak Integrity Suite will provide Day1 Solutions customers with the ability to monitor their servers, network devices, web applications, and key configuration files for unexpected changes. These changes may come in the form of Zero Day Attacks, Advanced-Persistent Threats (APTs), malware, or unintended changes that are simply the result of human error. Real-time detection and auditing, which CimTrak provides, helps customers safeguard their systems. In addition, the CimTrak Integrity Suite helps customers meet the challenge of regulatory and compliance initiatives such as PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, FFIEC, SOX, NERC, and others.

In addition to providing CimTrak as a component of their standard cloud product, Day1 Solutions will also offer the CimTrak Integrity Suite as an easy-to-acquire cloud infrastructure security solution in the Amazon AWS Marketplace.

The security and integrity of our customers' infrastructure is of the utmost importance to us”, stated Luis Benavides, CEO of Day1 Solutions. “CimTrak truly provides world-class security for our cloud offerings which give our customers confidence in knowing that their cloud applications, data, and infrastructure are more secure.”

About Day1Solutions

Commercial, government, and higher education enterprises rely on the experts at Day1 Solutions to design, deploy and manage IT cloud infrastructure, services, and solutions that support achieving their mission and business goals. With a robust network of industry-leading technology partners that roll up under “One Vendor, One Bill, as a Service”™, Day1 Solutions makes it easy for enterprises to rationalize and realize the full benefits of the cloud. Day1 Solutions is headquartered in Mclean, VA.

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About CimTrak

CimTrak is an advanced change monitoring tool for servers, network devices, databases, critical workstations, and more. It helps companies and government agencies worldwide keep their IT infrastructure secure, and maintain compliance with regulations such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, NERC & FISMA to take control of changes in their IT environments. This innovative software carries a number of certifications to maintain exceptionally high standards of IT security for these systems.

Built around leading-edge file integrity monitoring capabilities, CimTrak gives organizations deep situational awareness including who is making changes, what is being changed, when changes are occurring, and how changes are being made. This, coupled with the ability to take instant action upon detection of change, gives organizations assurance that their IT assets are always in a secure and compliant state.

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About Cimcor, Inc.

Cimcor is an industry leader in developing innovative security, integrity, and compliance software solutions. The firm is on the front lines of global corporate, government, and military initiatives to protect critical IT infrastructure and has consistently brought IT integrity innovations to market. Cimcor's flagship software product, CimTrak, helps organizations to monitor and protect a wide range of physical, network, virtual and cloud IT assets in real-time.

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May 5, 2015


About Cimcor

Cimcor’s File Integrity Monitoring solution, CimTrak, helps enterprise IT and security teams secure critical assets and simplify compliance. Easily identify, prohibit, and remediate unknown or unauthorized changes in real-time