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TAMPA, FLORIDA - Schellman, a leading provider of attestation and compliance services and a top 50 CPA firm, and Cimcor, an industry leader in developing innovative security and integrity software solutions, proudly announce the inclusion of Cimcor into the Schellman Alliance Program. This inclusion joins the expertise and capabilities of two industry leaders, to deliver confident cybersecurity compliance with securing critical assets, and protecting against modern cybersecurity threats.

The Schellman Alliance Program serves as a conduit for clients to harness the combined strengths of these two firms, providing an opportunity for businesses to achieve a comprehensive solution to meet and sustain regulatory compliance through Schellman’s certification services with state-of-the-art solutions for fortifying information security in today’s complex digital landscape.

“Schellman and Cimcor have created a strategic partnership that brings together two market leaders, reinforcing the symbiotic belief and viewpoint that security is the mission and compliance is the outcome. Our goal is to provide continuous evidence for integrity controls and ensure the necessary separation of duties when examining and enforcing various compliance requirements and processes as they pertain to critical IT infrastructure,” said Robert Johnson, CEO at Cimcor.

“In tandem with Cimcor, we are building a collaboration that aligns our clients with ways to identify information security vulnerabilities in real-time and make informed decisions around their IT compliance. This partnership further strengthens our commitment to delivering exceptional quality, bolstering our mission of security and compliance, while continuing to be a firm our clients can trust,” said Michael Parisi, Head of Client Acquisition at Schellman.

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About Cimcor

Cimcor develops innovative, next-generation compliance and system integrity monitoring software. The CimTrak Integrity Suite monitors and protects a wide range of physical, network, cloud, and virtual IT assets in real-time while providing detailed forensic information about all changes. CimTrak helps reduce configuration drift and ensure that systems are in a secure and hardened state. Securing your infrastructure with CimTrak helps you get compliant and stay that way. For more information, visit


About Schellman

“Schellman” is the brand name under which Schellman & Company, LLC and Schellman Compliance, LLC provide professional services. Schellman stands as a leading global provider of attestation, compliance, and certification services. Operating under two distinct entities, Schellman & Company, LLC (a top 50 firm) and Schellman Compliance, LLC (a globally accredited compliance assessment firm which is not a licensed CPA firm). The services provided by the Schellman entities include acting as a CPA firm (Schellman & Company, LLC Florida license number AD62941) as a leading provider of SOC reports, an ISO Certification Body, a PCI Qualified Security Assessor Company, a HITRUST assessor, a FedRAMP 3PAO, and being among the pioneering CMMC Authorized C3PAOs.


Renowned for its professionals’ expertise combined with practical experience, Schellman delivers superior client service while upholding steadfast independence. The company's approach fosters successful, long-term relationships, enabling clients to achieve multiple compliance objectives through a single trusted third-party assessor. For further information about the services provided, please visit


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Kayla Kinney
Post by Kayla Kinney
February 7, 2024
Kayla Kinney is a seasoned marketing professional with over 14 years of experience in the industry, honing her expertise in strategic marketing at a leading agency for the previous 6 years. She holds an MBA with a concentration in cybersecurity, combining her passion for marketing with a keen interest in safeguarding businesses and their customers against evolving digital threats. As the Director of Marketing and Communications, Kayla leads strategic marketing initiatives and develops effective communication strategies to promote our cutting-edge security solutions, driving brand awareness industry-wide.


About Cimcor

Cimcor’s File Integrity Monitoring solution, CimTrak, helps enterprise IT and security teams secure critical assets and simplify compliance. Easily identify, prohibit, and remediate unknown or unauthorized changes in real-time