CimTrak Integrity and Compliance Blog-Reboot

Welcome to the new Cimcor blog series. We'll be informing you about CimTrak's development as well as investigating how the information security arena is evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of IT professionals. Each sector has very specific needs, so addressing the ways that healthcare (HIPAA), finance (SOX & PCI), governments (FISMA) or energy (NERC-CIP) compliance regulations apply on the ground is vital to system integrity. Even website defacement is something can be dealt with automated methods using the CimTrak software suite.


The past year, as an extension of activities over the last decade, has seen the concept of cybercrime come front and center for many that had never regarded it with such depth. Before stories such as Julian Assange’s site Wikileaks released data by Chelsea (Daniel) Manning or Edward Snowden disclosure of highly sensitive information regarding the NSA’s capability to track civilian transmissions across virtually every communication network became national news, many average users were unaware of the risks. These types of breaches serve as excellent opportunities to explore how file integrity monitoring (FIM) software like CimTrak can aid organizations’ efforts to stay secure.


No matter what size a business is, the key is to keep secure and in a constant state of integrity. Hackers are always looking to infiltrate computer networks or make off with proprietary information. The best thing, next to having a complete system in place to detect changes, is to stay informed and keep everyone aware of best practices. Please connect with us through our social media networks and if there are any topics you would like to see addressed here please get in contact with us about them. Also feel free to share these posts to help spread the word about CimTrak and news related to the security technology realm.


Jacqueline von Ogden

Since 1999, Jacqueline has written for corporate communications, MarCom agencies, higher education, and worked within the pharmacy, steel and retail industries. Since joining the tech industry, she has found her "home".